Janet Zandy-Introduction to Calling Home- Brandy Kimminau

http://workingwomen.wikispaces.com/The+Street- Stephanie Carter

Harriet Hanson Robinson (Loom and Spindle) -Nicole Scott

Ann Petry (works other than The Street and/or works by other women of the same period with similar themes): Linsey Carrier

Ann Petry (The Street)

Faith Baldwin (Skyscraper) -- Jennifer Barnhart

Anzia Yezierska (Bread Givers) Michelle Unruh

Anzia Yezierska (works other than Bread Givers and/or works by other women of the same period with similar themes) by: Sara Schaeffer

Lucia Berlin ("Maggie May")-Katie McKitrick

CherrĂ­e Moraga ("The Welder") Caitlin Carle

Marge Piercy ("The Low Road") Alissa Evers

Meridel Le Sueur ("Doan Ket") Maria Boehm

Life in the Iron Mills Heather Chamberlain

Tillie Olson ("I Want You Women Up North to Know")- Michelle Schromm

Hazel Hall ("Measurements" and "Puzzled Stitches") - Sarah Morrison

Mary Fell ("The Triangle Fire")- Brushawn Lee

Julia Stein ("Downtown Women") -Sara Gordon

Mother (Mary) Jones ("Girl Slaves of the Milwaukee Breweries")- Laura Gilomen

Anna Gordon ("The Kitchen Garden") Tennille Dorsey

Florence Elizabeth Cory, (Industrial Art Schools for Women) -maggie dillingham

Women's Pulp Fiction of the 1930's and the Early 20th Century --Randi McKeever

Lowell Mill Girls --Julie Siem

Lucy Larcom ( A New England Girlhood)and other works~erin buckley

Fanny Fern, "Sewing Machines," "The Working-Girls of New York," and other works Cat Fischer

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